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  • Crisis Intervention
  • Medication Management
  • Coordination of Home Health
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The elder care team consists of all professionals involved in the care of a client. Members of this team can include the doctors, nurses, social workers, aides and companions, hospice staff, attorneys, accountants, and of course, Aging Life Care/Geriatric Care Managers. Since Care Managers assess the individual from a holistic point of view, we evaluate all aspects of a person's life, in order to assist them to achieve their highest quality of life and ability to function.

As Aging Life/Geriatric Care Managers, we become the central hub of the elder care team, maintaining communication between all of the members, and keeping the family informed as well, frequently offering options for care that the client and their families can choose from. We are the link that unites all of the pieces of the fragmented and often very complicated healthcare system that exists today.


Atlas Aging Life Care Management is a Geriatric Care Management firm whose mission is to maintain the highest quality of life, both for caregivers and the elders needing care as well. We do what family members would do if they had the time and expertise. We have a long-standing knowledge of the medical and professional community and of the many resources and care-related services available.

All of our Care Managers are professional, licensed, and experienced nurses or social workers. We believe that your loved ones deserve only the best, — their independence nurtured by caring staff, who continually make available any and all alternatives that might serve each individual's unique needs, even as their situations change with time. The relationships that build between the client, family, and Geriatric Care Manager are where our value lies, putting the human element back into the healthcare system, where it is often lacking today.

DORIS HAAS RN, CCM, CMC, QDCS, Aging Life Care Professional™ - Owner and Founder of Atlas Aging Life Care™ Management

Atlas Aging Life Care Management is owned and operated by Doris Haas. She is a registered nurse with 25 years of experience in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in Southern Florida, including the towns of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Coral Springs and their surrounding areas., as well as the Daytona Beach area. Her professional experience includes hospital nursing, hemodialysis, home health care, out-patient rehab (with an emphasis on treating elderly people with Parkinson's disease), placement and evaluation for nursing homes, and assisted living and retirement communities, and healthcare marketing. She has been the Director of The The Gambro Dialysis Center, a Senior Manager in both the rehab and home health settings, and a Case Manager. Doris holds Care Manager Certification awarded by the NACCM (National Academy of Certified Care Managers).

She also has her Florida license to sell Life, Health and Annuities, and Long-term Care Insurance. However, as her focus for Atlas Aging Life Care Management is the management and supervision of care for older adults, and she chooses not to sell insurance to her clients. Rather she can be a resource to provide useful information and advice to her clients about insurance policies and annuities, and this serves to enhance her aging adult care practice.

She has two dogs, which she takes to local nursing homes regularly for Pet-assisted Therapy with the Share-a-Pet Organization, and has been awarded Volunteer of the Year in 2008 from the Marrinson Group, a local company of nursing homes in the area.

Doris' vast experience has given her the intimate knowledge of all of the local resources available to seniors. Having been a member of BARN (Broward Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, BCOA (Broward Coalition on Aging), and WHEN (Women's Executive Healthcare Network), Doris has also become aware of resources available through these networking activities and associations. She maintains as well her membership in the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, the Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association, the Broward Coalition On Aging, ESRN - Elder Services Resource Network, The National Care Planning Council, and AADMM - American Association of Daily Money Managers. Doris holds her Care Manager Certification awarded by the NACCM (National Academy of Certified Care Managers) and is a Certified Case Manager awarded by the Commission of Case Manager Certification. She is a Dementia Care Specialist and a member of the DCPA, Dementia Care Professionals of America, a division of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

Kathy Franzone RN, CMC, Aging Life Care Professional™ - Director of Care Management

Kathy Franzone has been a licensed Registered Nurse in Florida since 1982, and a Notary Public since 2001. She is a dedicated professional with over 15 years of managerial and supervisory experience. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida. She is experienced in home health nursing where she worked in various job settings dealing almost exclusively with the geriatric population, as well as hospital nursing, and psychiatric nursing. She has also been involved in the business world where she was challenged with problem solving and interacting with a variety of personalities on a daily basis. She is a Dementia Care Specialist and maintains membership with the DCPA (Dementia Care Professionals of America), a division of the Alzheimers Foundation of America.

She is very familiar and comfortable with the older generation and brings true caring to those she works with. She sees coordinating care as part of coordinating all aspects of a person’s life. She is detail oriented, and a true patient advocate, doing whatever it takes to solve problems and meet the needs of her clients. Her caring instincts make her indispensible to our team.

Michelle Shipley RN

Michelle Shipley has been practicing as a Registered Nurse since 1990.  Her experience includes work in medical oncology and case management.  She opened the Arthritis Awareness Unit, an extensive inpatient rehabilitation program at University Hospital in Tamarac, Fl..  She has 17 years of experience in home health in various positions such as a field nurse, intake, education, and coordination of services.  She served as the intake supervisor for four years.  She has extensive experience interacting with community services as well as referral sources, and is aware of the many resources available to patients in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Michelle runs local blood pressure clinics and has founded and organized the Annual Health Fair at Holiday Springs Retirement Community, and was also one of the organizers of the Brain Game Challenge at North Broward Medical Center, an initiative of the Alzheimers Foundation of America.

Michelle is a dedicated professional that easily connects with people that she meets.  Her genuine concern is felt immediately by others, and she instinctively empathizes and gains understanding of family situations.  She has become a tremendous contact for resources, not only for her clients, but also for other professionals seeking assistance for their clients.  Her work is driven by her desire to help others and it is this concern, along with her vast experience, that truly makes her an exceptional Care Manager.

Christina Scambone RN

Christina Scambone has been in nursing since 1985. She is a licensed Registered Nurse and has a Bachelor of Science degree, Summa Cum Laude, from Florida Atlantic University in Florida. She is experienced in home health as a Patient Care Coordinator and On-Call Supervisor, as well as experienced working for the Broward Sheriff’s Office as a Case Manager, Infection Control Nurse, Director of Nursing, and staff nurse. She is a member of the Dementia Care Professionals of America, a division of the Alzheimers Foundation of America.

She brings to case management a heartfelt concern for her clients’ well-being and a clear vision of what their concerns are and how to respond to them. She is truly appreciated for her competency and compassion and has become a valuable resource.

Midge A. Santo BSN, RN, Aging Life Care Professional™

Midge has been a registered nurse since 1996 and has her Masters of Arts Degree in Nursing. She also has achieved a certification in POLST (Planning for Life Endings Certified), Advanced Care Planning Certified Facilitator, Better Breathers Club Certified Facilitator from the American Lung Association, and was a Special Contributing Writer at the Philippine Pediatric Society 50th Golden Anniversary Conference.

Midge has experience as a clinic nurse, medical transcription instructor, Nursing clinical instructor, triage nurse, Insurance and credentialing Coordinator, Therapy Office Manager and Physical Therapy Assistant, and Geriatric Care Manager. She maintains her membership in the Aging Life Care Association and the American Society on Aging.

Midge brings to care management a strong desire to advocate for her clients and to assist them in reaching their goals and the highest quality of life. She instinctively knows that it is a person's feeling of contentment and happiness is the ultimate goal, especially when having to deal with the challenges that aging and illness can present. She is a tremendous asset to our team.

Evelyn Dedmon RN, Aging Life Care Professional™

Evelyn Dedmon is a registered nurse with extensive work experience Her main areas of interest have been in psychiatric nursing and dementia She was the Director of the Memory Care Program and Educator/Trainer for this program at Heartfelt Home Care, an Educator and Memory Care Nurse at Nurse On Call and Signature Home Care, as well as a Facilitator for Alzheimer's Support Groups with the Alzheimer's Association.

She has worked as a Program Director and Psychiatric Nurse in home care and out-patient settings, and was a Supervisor and Counselor providing counseling services to individuals and families in several settings.

Her skills, knowledge, and experience bring strong capabilities to the practice of Geriatric Care Management. She enjoys working with clients and families to help them in meeting the challenges that they face as they age. Her instincts are to empower people to make the best decisions for themselves and to help them realistically face their limitations. She is an integral part of the Atlas team.

AGING LIFE CARE PROFESSIONAL™ is a trademark of the Aging Life Care Association. It is an indication of membership in ALCA, and only ALCA Members are authorized to use this term.

Please note that my other Care Managers choose not to be listed on the internet and I respect their privacy.